Belladonna can always be given with success where a condition is the result of poisoning, whether from an internal or external cause, and where it manifests itself in the nervous system and the brain, for example through headaches, a rush of blood to the head accompanied by a racing pulse, delirium and where every movement of the body, even a simple movement of the eyes, aggravates the condition. Belladonna 4x is indicated when an illness reaches a sudden crisis; when the patient is sensitive to light and his pupils are dilated; when the mucous membranes are dry, hot and inflamed — and when any one of these symptoms is accompanied by a high temperature. For the intellectually alert, the vivacious person, young people who have to concentrate mentally and draw heavily on their brains, or for those who lead an intellectual life, Belladonna 4x is a wonder medicine.

Belladonna 4x is a quick and reliable help in cases of infectious diseases such as measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough, conjunctivitis, whitlows and even pneumonia, especially in its early stages.


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