Every day he gave her the juice of raw nettles, or added finely chopped nettles to her soup. Now, a year later, to the astonishment of her doctors, this man’s wife had regained her health. I myself was just as surprised as the 300 members of my audience. I do admit that the daily nettle hunt and the trouble of putting them through the mincer to extract the juice is quite an effort. However, it is worthwhile considering that it can help a sick person to regain health.

Young nettles can be finely chopped and sprinkled on soup as a garnish or added to salads. Since the juice is not very tasty it is better to mix it in with whichever soup you prefer – vegetable, potato or oatmeal. A tablespoon per day for an adult and a half to one teaspoon for a child has sufficient medicinal properties to take effect. For an infant, 5-10 drops of the extract each day, added to different dishes of mashed foods should suffice. If you want to profit from at least part of this healthy remedy and at the same time enjoy a pleasant vegetable dish, you can also steam young nettles in oil with a little onion. This will give you an excellent spinach-like dish that goes well with mashed or saute potatoes, besides being tasty. So make it a point to search out the places where you can gather nettles; only pick the young shoots and you will be able to have nettles on your menu for months.

Perhaps some of my readers feel that they have no time to look for and prepare these wild plants and would prefer to buy the juice ready-made. Of course they can do this; but no prepared medicine – even an extract from fresh plants – can have as good an effect as the extracted juice from a plant freshly gathered or the fresh plant used by itself.

The calcium complex Urticalcin contains Urtica, which is the Latin name for nettles. As the name implies, Urticalcin is a compound containing various kinds or combinations of calcium, with the addition of fresh nettles. The way in which homoeopathy makes use of nettles will be explained in the section on ‘Homoeopathic remedies’.


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