Nutrition is very important in the treatment of arthritis. It ensures the reconstruction of damaged joint tissue. In his book, Nutrition Against Disease, Dr R. J. Williams (University of Texas) notes that many arthritis sufferers are deficient in vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, folic acid, vitamins C and D and minerals zinc, manganese and sulfur proteins. (The best sources of sulfur proteins are red meats, fish, poultry and eggs. Milk, cheese and yoghurt have reasonable amounts and garlic and onions are the best vegetable sources, though yielding far less than animal sources.)

The metabolic imbalances that result from these deficiencies lead to a structural weakness in the soft tissues of the joints (cartilage, capsule, ligaments and blood vessels).

Structural weakness of tissue leads to the regular leaking of blood into the joint, so that even moderate use causes bleeding. Regular bleeding into the joint causes the levels of iron to build up in the joint, while at the same time the levels in the blood drop, predisposing you to anaemia.

Deficiencies in the mineral zinc cause the blood levels of copper to rise, the excess of which also spills into the arthritic joints. Copper and iron excesses cause as much joint irritation as allergens, acetaldehyde from Candida infections and the nightshades.

The minerals zinc and manganese displace excess copper and iron in the joints while at the same time normalising their levels in the blood. Taking a high dosage multi-vitamin and mineral tablet has other advantages:

• The full spectrum of vitamins and minerals increases the effect of zinc and manganese.

• Structural damage in the joint is repaired.

• Structural weakness in the joints is overcome.

• 100 mg of vitamin B3 and 1000 mg of vitamin C taken three times per clay with meals will increase joint mobility, decrease stiffness and relieve joint deformity and pain, according to Dr William Kaufman, who pioneered this treatment in 1941.

• Fish oils (cod liver, halibut, etc.) are not only rich in the vitamins A and D needed to repair damaged joints, they have a natural anti-inflammatory component that helps relieve joint pain.


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