Stress makes us uptight as it causes the muscles of our body to contract. Some people focus their stress in the muscles of the shoulder and neck. Stiff necks and headaches are the result. Some focus their stress in the muscles of the lower back and get lumbago or sciatica. Asthma sufferers tend to focus their stress in the muscles of the windpipe.

Self-sabotaging attitudes are a major cause of uptight feelings experienced by asthma sufferers. A change of attitude is imperative if a complete cure is to be achieved.

Most of the adult onset cases of asthma I have treated have been the result of stress. Over-work, over-exercising, over-commitment, over-socialising (with too much alcohol and cigarettes) or vitamin and mineral deficiency, or a combination of these factors, plus the self-sabotaging attitudes that give rise to these behaviour patterns, are major causes. Many hard-charging over-achievers have experienced their first asthma attacks while jogging in the rain or head-on info a cold south-westerly wind while wearing only a runner’s singlet; or from a cold or ‘flu that resulted from a stint of over-work or over-socialising combined with skipped meals and inadequate rest and sleep.

As was mentioned previously, stress inhibits the absorption of nutrients and nutrient deficiency is a major stress.


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