In the case of sinus problems, the application of heat to the hands is very beneficial. This is because the hands provide a reflex area through which the head may be reached.

In the case of neuralgia (pain radiating along nerves), hot and cold to the area may be tried, but we usually use only heat in this case. Cold here tends to set up a chill reaction through the body. However, if the patient does not experience this effect, the stimulation to the circulation accomplished by the cold will be very good.

Awakening one morning with severe neuralgia of the face, I remembered the two principles just outlined above. So, I drew the vanity stool in front of the hand basin and sat down, a very miserable spectacle. Running hot water into the basin, I placed my hands in it and Oh! the reaction to my face! It certainly was intense. But as it abated, it brought relief. I continued to make the water hotter and hotter until finally, there was no more reaction, but only a relaxation of pressure in the sinuses and a freeing of the nasal passages. Soon, I was able to breathe freely again.

Others suffering with the same problem who have employed this suggestion have also found relief. One young woman repeated the treatment off and on throughout the day, and by night she found that the cold that had been threatening was now practically non-existent. Being a piano teacher, she much appreciated this quick relief. No drugs were needed. Since the body was rid of its congestion, her head was clear, and the lesson periods went smoothly.

When hay fever is irritating the fine membranes of the sinuses, ears, throat, and mouth, place the hands in very hot water. In a few minutes, a reaction will set in, and you will feel relief. If done several times in a day, by evening the condition is often much improved.

A hot foot bath (leaving out the cold) can be used for congestion in the pelvic area causing menstrual cramps, etc. Put the feet into hot water for fifteen minutes or more. This will help draw the blood away and relieve tension. Headache caused by complications of the female organs can often be relieved by placing the legs in a hot water bath. In this case the legs must be covered with hot water up to the knees. (Here again, your garbage bin will stand you in good stead.) In this kind of headache resulting from pelvic congestion, more of a relieving action and a relaxing effect is wanted rather than the more stimulating effect that comes from alternating hot and cold water, so only the use of hot is indicated.

Should anyone suffer with a husky, tired throat from prolonged speaking, giving lectures (speaker’s throat), etc., a hot foot bath with a cold rag around the neck will benefit and restore energy to the tired muscles of the voice box. It goes without saying, however, that the person must take care of .ill other angles of health. He must supply himself with the necessary nourishment and rest to maintain the organ of speech. A little help with hot water will hasten the repair work and keep him going till the program is complete.

When the whole body is tense and sleep is evasive, run a warm bath and lay the whole body in it with only the nose above water. A gentleman of my acquaintance found himself In hospital owing to an accident. At night he refused the sleeping drugs. Instead, he ran himself a warm bath and lay In it as described above to bring relaxation and healing to his body. After that, he was able to sleep comfortably. Warm or hot water is very relaxing and comforting to a tired, tense body.

We previously mentioned the sitz bath. This is harder to accomplish in an ordinary home but there are times when some form of sitz bath will help to silence an irritated spine. Often after a long trip in a car, the bottom of the spine, being vibrated upon all day with the movements of the car, will give rise to a very irritable nervous system. Congestion in the pelvic area and irritation of the bladder are also helped by this treatment. Run a hot bath, not too deep. Step in and sit down. Do not lie down. Do not splash the water over you. Just sit in the hot water with your legs bent up and feet in the water up to the ankles. Only the feet and pelvis should be in the water. After ten to fifteen minutes get out and sponge yourself over with a tepid cloth and go to bed. The concentration of heat in this area will help restore a normal balance between the nervous system and your body.


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