Are used in ointments, creams, cosmetics, massage oils, facial oils, body moisturisers and for bath oils. Place herbs or petals, leaves, seeds or bark into a wide neck bottle. Cover with oil and leave in direct sunlight for one week. Take out the old herbs and replace with fresh herbs. Repeat procedure until the required aroma is achieved.

Fresh herbs 1 cup or dried herbs 40 g, cold pressed oil 500 ml, apple cider vinegar 20 ml

Strain or filter then bottle and label and store in a cool place Ointments

Ointments of various kinds were used for cosmetics, medicine, and in religious ceremonies. Also used to protect the skin against the hot winds from the desert. An ointment is an extraction from vegetable oils, olive oil, sweet almond Oil or from fats such as butter or lard which are blended with bee’s wax, cocoa butter or lanolin.

Ointments are suitable where the skin is weak or fragile and needs extra protection and additional moisture from environmental conditions. It forms a separate fine layer over the skin, it is best to use bee’s wax for it lets your skin breathe.

For a soft ointment add one part wax to five parts oil and by adding one part wheatgerm oil you will preserve the ointment. Essential oil dilution can vary from 1-5% dilution Beeswax is used as an emulsifier and binder for cosmetic’s, salves and ointments. Perfumes, balms and ungunt were made in the form of pomanders which is a scented ointment.


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