Hops make an excellent poultice for stomach disorders, kidney pains, and trouble in the lower abdomen. Trouble in the kidneys is often associated with high blood pressure, and so it can quite often help this problem, although not always.

Hops tend to produce a soothing, restful response, contributing to sounder sleep.

To make the poultice, steep a good handful of dried hops in 2-3 cups of hot water (i.e., water that has been brought to the boiling point and then removed from the source of heat) for about 20 minutes. Immerse a small towel in the solution, wring out lightly, and lay over the affected area. Cover this with plastic to prevent drying out, and then wrap a warm towel around it to keep it in place.

Another method which can be used is to place dry hops in a pillowcase or small cloth bag. Sprinkle this with water so that it becomes damp. Place this over the affected area and add a hot water bottle on the top. The hot fomentation-type heat penetrating through the damp hops pack will combine with the natural soothing properties from this herb, producing a sedative effect.

Cases Nos. 1 & 2.

A woman with severe pain in the side of her abdomen and back used the second type of hops poultice described above with hot, wet cloths over the bag of hops. After continuing this treatment for an hour or so, the severe pain finally abated.

Another elderly woman with severe cramps in her legs for which no remedy in tablet form could be found, was soon comforted by a treatment using hops steeped in hot water for 30 minutes. Cloths were dipped in the hot hops water and placed over the cramping muscles. Finally the cramps eased and she was free from pain. In this case, the patient also had green drinks made by putting green leaves of different vegetables into the vitamizer with a glass of water or carrot juice. The roughage was strained out and the liquid drunk, which internally nourished the affected muscles with the minerals in which they were deficient.


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