Mr. Engberg was stricken by disease in 1963. It started with liver trouble and jaundice. He also had suffered from severe constipation for years. Eventually his condition was diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis.

During the following year he received various treatments from several doctdrs and hospitals; injections, cortisone, even the so-called injected malaria treatment. Various other remedies were tried without any noticeable improvement. The doctors said that his kind of arthritis was a very rare type that would be difficult to help.

In June, 1964 he went to Bjorkagarden. He could move only with great effort. He was not able to bend his legs or arms. His joints were inflamed, swollen, and stiff.

Mr. Engberg began his treatment with a ten-day fast. He then went on a special diet for 30 days, followed by a new fast for 21 days. He stayed at the clinic for eight months, alternating fasts with diet periods. Some of the shorter fasts were pure water fasts. The long fasts consisted mostly of carrot juice and vegetable broth. The final fast lasted 40 days. The unusually long fasts and the length of his stay at the clinic were motivated by his damaged liver and the necessity of reactivating and rebuilding his liver function as a step in the normalizing of his entire metabolism. All milk was excluded from his diet, but raw nuts and seeds were substituted as a source of protein.

After eight months Mr. K. G. Engberg was able to leave the clinic in perfect health. On returning to his home town, he visited his doctor and received a complete physical checkup. The surprised doctor could not find any traces of arthritis.

Now Mr. Engberg leads a perfectly normal life. He has resumed pathfinding, his favorite sport activity, and he takes part in strenuous training and competitive sports.


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