It will first be interesting to consider some of the arguments put forward by doctors of the highest calibre about some of the basic questions concerning cancer during a recent court case in Germany. How difficult it must be for judges to reach the right decision in such cases, especially when the views of specialists contradict each other! How can judges possibly be expected to make sense of it all?

Professor Bauer from Heidelberg, a famous and respected expert in the field of cancer, maintained that cancer is a localised disease and can therefore be tackled by means of the scalpel and radiation, that is, by surgery and radiotherapy, with varying degrees of success. However, two other well-known surgeons, Dr Albrecht and Professor Zabel, expressed opposing views. In common with many others, they were of the opinion ãÜ÷ã cancer is a disease affecting the whole system and that with the surgical removal of a tumour the actual disease is only partially treated, let alone curecL The great number of deaths that occur during the first year after an operation, in spite of radiotherapy, seem to speak out strongly in favour of this second view. A further aspect may be added, for it is thought that certain materials leave the malignant tissues, enter the bloodstream and lymph and, of course, the cells. This has a detrimental, if not poisoning, effect. According to this opinion, we can conclude that it is not only migrating cancer cells but also these separate materials that can lead to metastases in the course of time. The American school of thought seems to support this opinion. However, the available literature is not clear on whether the detached and circulating materials are in fact the same as those viruses discovered first by Dr Nebel of Lausanne and later by Professor von Brehmer.


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