However, for the treatment to be effective it is important that the levels of salt and protein in the diet be drastically reduced. The importance of mistletoe as a remedy can be illustrated by the quantity used in Germany alone, where 170-190 tons are processed every year.

Mistletoe extract is, of course, used to treat more complaints than just high blood pressure. It is indicated for headaches that are accompanied by dizziness, for spells of vertigo where there is a tendency to fall backwards, for people suffering from agoraphobia and a wavering gait and for those who experience attacks of ‘pins and needles’ in the limbs and who suffer from constant cold feet. Viscum album, used in conjunction with the indicated heart remedies, is beneficial for sudden attacks of palpitations coupled with vascular spasms, difficult breathing and nightly attacks of asthma. For treatment take 5-10 drops, 3-5 times daily.

Moreover, in the search of an effective herbal remedy for cancer, mistletoe and butterbur have given good results so far. For this reason, no one suffering from malignant growths should forget to take mistletoe. The fresh plant extract, as well as homoeopathic injections, have proved invaluable in this respect.

Finally, it is a matter of record that people who have suffered for years from pains in the joints because of chronic arthritis or arthrosis have been cured by homoeopathic mistletoe injections.


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