It’s surprising how many beauty products there are in your kitchen and garden just waiting to be used!

Aloe Vera

This has been known since biblical times as one of nature’s most useful plants for the skin. Cleopatra used aloe vera to keep her complexion clear and soft. The gel from a freshly cut plant contains an antibacterial, anti-fungi substance. Fresh leaves are split in half and place the gel side of the leaf to embedded thorns, stones or fish scales to assist in their removal, the leaf is secured with a bandage. Leave dressing on and change daily, this will draw out the object in 3-4 days. Aloe vera fresh juice or gel is an excellent remedy for skin and hair problems.

Skin care: burns, blemishes, bed sores, dipper rash, boils, fungus, wrinkles, dry skin, chapped skin, dermatitis, eczema, sunburn, rashes, scares, skin infections, sun protection, wounds, stubborn ulcers and to reduce scaring.

Hair care: dry hair, itchy scalp, brittle hair, hair gel, dandruff and scalp disorders.

First aid: antiseptic, burns, minor cuts, cold sores, disinfectant, insect bites, minor pain.


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