We need healthy teeth to enable us to chew well, which is essential for proper digestion. Only if we make full use of our salivary glands will our food be properly assimilated and agree with us. There is a reason, then, why we have six large and many more small salivary glands, which secrete various alkaline substances that are of the utmost importance to the whole digestive process. If food particles are sufficiently insalivated, the later stages of digestion will be made much easier.

It is interesting to note that the teeth stay healthy if they are used correctly and given hard food to chew. This is exactly the pposite of what we know about other instruments, which usually wear out when used a lot. The pressure exerted when biting acts as a kind of stimulus for healthy teeth. The periodontal nerves transmit this stimulus to the blood vessels and more blood is supplied. The increased blood supply means better nutrition and guarantees constant regeneration of the tooth. Thus, anyone who eats hearty meals that force him to chew vigorously strengthens his teeth and keeps them healthy. On the other hand, if you get into the habit of eating primarily gruels, soup and soft food you miss the chance of forcing your teeth to be active and stimulated, laying the groundwork for later tooth decay. Apples are an excellent fruit to eat as they need chewing and their acidic juice also cleanses the teeth.

To keep physically healthy and fit, adopt a good and natural diet and take care that your teeth remain healthy and strong.


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