How well the patient responds to natural treatment will depend very heavily upon his past history. There will be a considerable difference in response between the person who has had a healthful way of living and the person who has lived unhealthfully.

Just as vegetation depends upon sap for its life, so the human body depends upon the circulatory system for bringing life to it. The term ‘circulatory system’ is meant here to include also the lymphatic system, which, together with the blood stream, supplies nourishment to the tissues and carries off waste products. This area, along with the eliminatory system and the digestive system, is one of the areas in which we can most effectively work to assist the body in the healing process.

We will first consider the person who has been nourishing his body with a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains. He has been drinking pure water, taking adequate exercise and rest, and keeping himself clean inside and out. This patient will, as a result, have a healthy blood stream fresh with vital oxygen and as a result, it will have tremendous healing power. If this kind of patient is injured in some way, or is taken with sudden illness or infection, his body’s response to natural treatments will be quite swift and dramatic. The same amount of recovery that might demand days or even weeks to achieve in a person who has not lived so healthfully will be achieved in far less time with a person who has lived according to health laws.

On the other hand, a patient who has not respected nature’s laws will be a different case altogether. He has eaten at irregular hours, loaded his system with flesh foods, eaten devitalized products such as white flour and sugar, poisoned his system with alcohol, coffee, tea, and tobacco, stayed up late into the night, and has not obtained adequate exercise. The blood stream of such a person is in a diseased condition, the extent of which depends upon how far and how long he has persisted in this abusive course of living. Such a blood stream has a seriously weakened potential for healing. Therefore, it must be understood and borne in mind that this person will respond far more slowly to home treatments than will the healthy person. For best results, this patient should have cleansing treatments included in his regime, whereas this would not be necessary for the person who has been living healthfully.


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