For home use, tincture of horseradish may be prepared in the following manner. Grate some fresh horseradish, mix it well with pure alcohol and let it stand for an hour or so. Then filter it through some gauze or muslin. The resulting tincture can be used on wounds, cuts and grazes as an antiseptic. Although it may sting somewhat, it will be most effective and the pain and soreness will quickly disappear.

Grated horseradish can be used in place of onions when these, applied as a poultice, have not succeeded in stopping, for example, a bad headache. Simply apply the grated horseradish to the back of the neck.

Horseradish being one of the spice plants that have a reliable medicinal effect, it should be grown in your garden, if you have one. It will then always be available. Add horseradish to carrot salad and the latter will be less sweet and more palatable; many men, especially, prefer it in this way. The flavour of cottage or curd cheese is also improved by horseradish, and the same is true of salad dressings.

Always mix a little grated horseradish into your salads. In addition to making the salad taste better, horseradish will reduce any tendency to colds and chills.


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