No doubt you have heard of the European Grape Cure. Many books are written on the marvelous benefits and the miraculous healings that have come from living on nothing but grapes for one, two or more weeks. There are many clinics in Europe where you can get a Grape Cure.

There is no doubt that a Grape Cure is an effective treatment in many disorders, from obesity and high blood pressure to arthritis and heart disease. The majority of the biological medical doctors in Europe are, however, of the opinion that the healing effect of the Grape Cure is not as much due to any unusual curative properties of grapes as it is to the modified fasting procedure, which the Grape Cure actually is.

I do not wish to belittle the health-giving value of the grapes. Grapes are, no doubt, a wonderful health food with not only a delicious and satisfying taste but also with a wealth of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. But so are countless other noble fruits and vegetables!

A patient I know in Europe cured himself on an Apple Cure. He had very high blood pressure and a heart condition. On the advice of a naturopath, he lived on nothing but ripe sweet apples for several weeks, starting with an apple a day and increasing the apple diet up to two pounds a day. His blood pressure went down and his heart condition improved.

I know of a woman who cured herself of stomach ulcers by a Cabbage Juice Cure, and I have heard of an old folk remedy in East Europe where patients with digestive disorders helped themselves to better health by eating nothing but sauerkraut and drinking the juice of homemade sauerkraut prepared without salt.


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