The human body is made up predominantly of water. Loosely described, we humans are nothing more than hairy, animated bags of salt soup. All the chemical reactions needed to produce heat and energy, to enable us to think, feel, emote, express, see, hear and move, take place in this salty water.

Collectively these chemical reactions make up what’s known as our metabolism. To interfere with the body’s water levels is to interfere with the chemical reactions and thus unbalance the metabolism.

Falling water levels (dehydration) unbalances the metabolism in three ways:

1. A lack of hydrostatic (water) pressure in the blood vessels means less nutrients (oxygen, vitamins, minerals, protein) are forced out of the blood and into the cells.

2. The cells rely on the water that carried the nutrients in to also flush their waste products out. If waste products lie around in the cell they interfere with normally occurring chemical reactions and so unbalance the metabolism.

3. The osmotic pulling power of the blood is reduced and less waste products are drawn from the cells to the blood for elimination through the kidneys.

Optimum fluid intake ensures the process of cell feeding and cell cleaning operate at full capacity. Bathing the cells with water also reduces the concentration of any allergens that may be present in them. Allergens are notorious for gate crashing resident chemical reactions and, interfering with their outcome. Diluting allergens also dilute the intensity of the allergic reactions they cause. The chemicals found in polluted water readily invite themselves into chemical reactions that neither want nor need them. Alcohol does too, so effectively in fact that some people slur their words after only one or two drinks.

Drinking chemical free water is imperative for balancing the metabolism. Avoid tap water wherever possible, unless its thoroughly filtered. Country people, who live in areas of top dressing and pesticide spraying zones, should avoid tank water. Fresh spring water (home and office delivered), mineral water from a recognised spa (not the commercially made ones, or soda water) and freshly squeezed juices are ideal.

The programs and dietary supplements in this book cannot balance the metabolism if the water levels are below optimum. Next to oxygen water is the most important nutrient. It is frequently the missing link in an unbalanced metabolism.

A deficiency in water can cause the same vagueness, disorientation and confusion that allergies and Candida yeast infections produce. This vagueness, disorientation and confusion is frequently evident in middle and long distance runners who on crossing the finish line can’t answer questions coherently, stare blankly at the TV camera and say nothing; or walk off in the wrong direction after the race. These athletes illustrate just how precarious the body’s fluid levels are and just how quickly they can fall. One hour of strenuous physical activity can see 1 L of water evaporate from the body.

Fluid must be taken into the body at regular intervals through the day. Busy people tend not to observe this important rule and have patches of vagueness, mistake making, irritability and confusion in the middle of a working day as a result. This can be most disconcerting for people who’re on the Metabolism-Balancing Program and are expecting not to experience such things. Those on the ‘Anti-Candida/Anti-Allergy Program tend to blame what they ate for breakfast when this happens and as time goes by take themselves off so many foods they become malnourished. Malnutrition of course can give the same symptoms as fluid deficiency.

There is no excuse for going without fluid through the day. We can all find time to drink fluid, no matter how busy we are. Busy people try to get around this by fluid loading in the morning and fluid loading in the evening. This doesn’t work. The harder we work, the more heat we produce; the more heat we produce, the more fluid we evaporate. Fluid levels can drop below optimum within an hour, which is why the aforementioned symptoms can come on so quickly and why we have to keep topping our fluid levels up, all day long. Sip from a bottle at your desk.


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