On the other hand, it is not necessary and does not benefit the skin in any way to smear so much oil on the body so that it looks all greasy. Oil should be used sparingly and massaged well into the skin. Avoid oils that are scented with synthetic perfumes, which make the bathers smell even from a distance. Pure olive oil mixed with a little lemon oil is a good and inexpensive skin lotion for bathing. If you want to buy a ready-made oil, look for a skin oil that is based on St John’s wort oil, because this is a most excellent skin-food on account of the lipoids it contains. It is important, when shopping, to ask for a skin oil that is made from natural, red St John’s wort oil; reject any oil that is artificially coloured.

Care of the skin requires not only the use of oil but involves common sense when exposing the body to the sun, light and air. An efficient skin function is the basis for proper glandular function and for general well-being.


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