1. Milk Fever.

I became aware of the value of this treatment after the birth of my third child. After bringing the baby home, I developed a fever accompanied by shivering. In those days these treatments were not understood, and I turned to the hospital for help. There was a strong suspicion of malaria because I had been raised in the islands of the Pacific, and so I was isolated in the infectious diseases section. Later, however, it was diagnosed as milk fever, or mastitis. I was then treated with penicillin, the milk was dried up, and all in all, it was an unpleasant experience.

After the birth of the next child the problem reoccurred. The memory of the painful treatments received previously at the hospital made me very anxious not to go back. This time my husband and I turned to a medical handbook which directed us to use an ice pack treatment. We were incredulous! The idea was extremely foreign to anything we had ever learned, but, despite our skepticism, we decided to try it.

In those days we had no refrigerator and had to obtain ice from a neighbour. Treatment was begun in the evening by placing the ice bag on the hard, inflamed breast. Within three hours of continuous treatment, the shivering had gone, body temperature had returned to normal, and the heat and hardness of the affected breast had been replaced by softness and coolness. A good sleep followed. The next morning everything was perfectly normal. To do it the first time took courage, but confidence was inspired by the amazing results obtained, and we have since used this method on many others with equal success.

2. Mumps.

While paying us a visit, the little daughter of a good friend began to complain of swollen and painful salivary glands. We were strongly suspicious that it was mumps because she had been in recent contact with children who had succumbed to the disease. The ice pack treatment was begun at once. In addition, we added one tablespoon of Epsom salts to the ice water (this makes it colder and opens the pores of the skin) and gave the girl large doses of vitamin C and cell salts—Ferr Phos, Nat Mur, and Kali Mur. Not only did the child obtain relief from the pain, but all further development of the mumps was halted, and she had a speedy recovery. In this case, a great advantage was gained by getting onto the sickness so quickly. Always in natural treatments, the earlier in the illness the treatment is begun, the quicker and more satisfactory will be the results.

For instance, we had previously treated some other children in whom the swelling had already become well established. The salivary glands were so painful that they could not eat breakfast. Half an hour after the ice pack with added Epsom salts was applied, they could eat with pleasure and comfort. At this time, we did not understand the value of vitamin C and Ferr Phos, so we gave them none. Because the sickness had obtained a better hold and also because they did not have the extra medication, it took a couple of days for the swelling to fully disappear. However, the pain was completely relieved and the temperature had returned to normal long before that. Even so, these children enjoyed a great advantage over other children who spent two painful weeks recovering and also experienced unpleasant side effects such as sore ears, etc.

There are other instances that could be cited, but these are sufficient to illustrate the point. When the fire of fever is controlled by the application of cold, the body is aided in its work of eliminating toxins through an invigorated blood stream. As far as we are concerned, this is the only treatment we would ever consider for this type of problem. It takes courage to do it the first time, but, if you persevere until the pain and heat are removed, you will see how completely successful and quick the treatment really is, and you will become, like us, a confirmed believer.


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