It is important to realize that although swollen and inflamed joints may seem to be the very first signals of approaching arthritis, they are not at all the first symptoms of the onset of the disease. Arthritis is not a local disease of a particular joint but a systemic disorder; a disease which affects the whole body. It takes years and years of abuse to bring about the systemic disturbance in the bodily functions which eventually leads to a breakdown of the health and the functions of the joints. The arthritic patient usually suffers from a general deterioration of health in the form of sluggishness in the function of his vital organs; incomplete digestion and assimilation of foods; nutritional deficiencies; glandular disorders, particularly in the endocrine system; impaired elimination of metabolic wastes and j toxins; and a weakened nervous system and circulation. These systemic disturbances affect the biochemical structure of the various tissues of the body and cause what one of the pioneer practitioners of biological medicine in the United States, R. P. Watterson, M.D., calls a “biochemical suffocation.”

In order to understand the nature, causes and mechanics of the development of arthritis, the following basic premises should be kept in mind:

Arthritis is not an unrelated, localized disease of certain joints. It is a systemic constitutional disease which always affects the entire body.

Arthritis is caused by metabolic disorder and systemic disturbances, particularly in glandular activity, which bring about pathological biochemical changes in all the tissues of the body, specifically in collagen.

These biochemical disorders cause inflammatory and degenerative changes in the functions of joints and their surrounding connective tissues.

The underlying causes for the development of conditions leading to arthritis are to be sought in prolonged abuse to which the body has been subjected, such as faulty nutritional patterns, overeating, nutritional deficiencies, lack of exercise, unchecked chronic infections, and severe emotional and physical stress. These health-destroying factors eventually result in diminished vitality and lowered resistance to disease, diminished glandular activity and hormonal imbalance, intestinal sluggishness, impaired elimination and autointoxication.


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