In a society which now recognizes that vitamins, minerals and amino acids have a valuable role to play in health, there are precious few nutritional experts to give advice on personal data, such as hair analysis, blood profile, etc.
Beware of believing that being a doctor qualifies someone to give such advice – the medical syllabus provides virtually no information about nutritional matters except where they become medically diagnosable and treatable, such as with scurvy (the clinical lack of vitamin C). For every person who reaches that extreme there are probably a million who are vitamin C deficient in some level or another.
Most people get by on a vitamin/mineral composite daily tablet, but with arterial disease this, while helpful, is not enough. More specific supplementation is necessary; supplementation which, ideally, is tailored to personal profiles such as blood analysis or those designed by a nutritional expert.
Cardio & Blood/ Cholesterol
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