Ectopic Pregnancies
Ectopic pregnancies occur when a fertilized egg implants within the peritoneal cavity or inside a fallopian tube. There the foetus grows and thrives until internal bleeding threatens the expectant mothers life. Surgery is the only means of rescue. Often surgical intervention leaves a woman without one of her fallopian tubes. Ectopic pregnancies impact more frequently amongst women who suffer from Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or use Intra Uterine Devices as a means of contraception.
Home Remedies
Don’t use Intra Uterine Devices as a form of contraception. The devices may be of use in underdeveloped or third world countries where women cannot afford better. Australia is not one of these. Do not have unprotected intercourse with a man of doubtful sexual history without the use of a condom.
Ejaculatory Disorders
Disorders of ejaculation can be divided into three groups: neurotic failure, backward ejaculation and neurological failure. Neurotic failure precludes intra vaginal ejaculation, although it remains possible to ejaculate whilst masturbating. The problem relates to anxiety and requires psychotherapy and behaviour modification.
Backward ejaculation occurs with damage to the bladder neck or abnormalities at birth. Sperm in a post ejaculatory urine specimen makes the diagnosis and drugs are used in an attempt to improve this condition, as well as ejaculation in the presence of a full bladder.
Absolute failure of ejaculation occurs with neurological damage caused by prostatectomy or diabetes. Treatment is difficult. One text suggests implanted nerve stimulators or per rectal electro ejaculation under anesthesia.

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