Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils as a form of health care. Nowadays as people are becoming more aware of environmental pollution and chemical hazards, they are searching for natural remedies to promote their health and well-being. By using aromatherapy we can help ourselves to restore the energy lost from our own physical exertion, and from the effects of the age in which we live.
Essential oils are natural extracts from plants, fruit, wood and resins. In their purest form, they are molecular substances that carry the characteristic fragrance of the source from which they have been extracted. They have been described as having hormonal qualities that hold the life force from each living substance whence they derive.

Thousands of years ago the Egyptians used aromatic oils to add to their baths, and for centuries priests burned Frankincense in religious ceremonies to produce spiritual calmness. Our not so distant ancestors used herbs in the form of pomanders to protect themselves from infection, and elderly ladies were calmed and refreshed by Lavender water if they succumbed to an attack of ‘the vapours’.

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