Mrs R.D. Gill had chronic trouble in her stomach for the last 8 years which was diagnosed as duodenal ulcer. Under medical advice she was taking cold milk frequently, which had damaged her digestive power. Homoeopathic medicines like Anacardium and Graphitis could only alleviate her trouble temporarily. When she came to us for treatment, she had almost lost all hope of recovery, and the fear of cancer was gnawing at her heart. She had lost her appetite and her sleep and was going down very rapidly. A combination of GORSE (for hopelessness) and Mimulus (for fear of cancer) given T.D.S for 4 weeks improved her sleep and her appetite and .brought colour to her cheeks, and the frequency of her stomachache was much reduced. The same prescription was continued for another 2 months which brought almost normalcy in her physical and mental state.

Only once during this period she complained of pain in the stomach and felt that theOrate of progress had slowed down. Three doses of GENTIAN were enough to restore her confidence, and remove her doubts. After 4 months’ treatment she felt herself fully cured.

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