Once again I should stress that the skin condition reflects conditions inside the body, and therefore a naturopathic approach will serve the patient much better than layers of cortisone or tar ointment plastered over the skin, since this deals only in part with the symptoms, while the actual cause of the problem remains present inside the body. Psoriasis ought to be treated internally and to this end, a diet to establish an acid/alkaline balance in the body is essential. Such a diet has been described in one of my previous books Arthritis, Rheumatism and Psoriasis, and I still maintain that this is the correct foundation on which to develop a programme for psoriasis treatment.Psoriasis is often compared to arthritis, in which case it is referred to as psoriatica arthritica, but there are many kinds of psoriasis. This chronic inflammatory skin disease lasts for several years and has been the cause of concern and unhappiness for many people. Although it is generally believed that the cause of psoriasis is unknown, in my experience it is definitely largely diet related. With many of my patients I have seen, that if they are prepared to follow dietary instructions, the condition will clear. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict how long the treatment period will be, because the rate of improvement varies greatly among patients. I sympathise with the many people who suffer from this disease and their plight has challenged me to do everything within my power to help them. The worst possible attitude is that one ‘will have to learn to live with it’. No health problem must be allowed to linger and this is never more true than in the case of psoriasis.One of the most troublesome conditions is known as mother of pearl scales, where flaking skin peels off, leaving a shiny surface, sometimes so thin that blood seems to be visible immediately under the surface. These patches can be quite large and may appear anywhere on the body; it is not unusual for nails and/or joints to be affected. Although this skin condition does not appear to affect one’s health, it can cause considerable stiffness when it is related to arthritis. It is also a great cause of embarrassment and therefore Hahnemann’s principle is important: to treat mind, body and spirit. Nothing is gained by sitting back and wallowing in self-pity, because one gets more uptight and more nervous, which in turn aggravates the psoriatic condition, causing it to spread further and become more angry and deep-rooted. Many psoriasis patients will agree with me that they have periods when they seem to be able to cope reasonably well, until they pass through a stressful phase, and it’s then that the skin condition will suddenly flare up again.*41\147\2*

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