What is methotrexate?Methotrexate is a favored drug among rheumatologists for the treatment of RA. It interferes with a metabolic pathway called the folic acid pathway.
How does it work?It interrupts the cycle of certain cells important to the immune system.
What is the usual dose?Patients with RA usually begin with a low dose, usually 7.5 milligrams per week, followed by a gradual increase to 25 milligrams per week. Some patients can even tolerate higher doses. It is really up to your doctor. It should be taken with 1 to 4 milligrams of folic acid daily, as this vitamin limits the poisonous effects of the drug.
When does it start to work?It usually takes effect within four to six weeks.Traditional Therapy: Drugs, Surgery, and Rehabilitation Therapy
What side effects should I watch out for?Some of the most common side effects of this drug include sores in the mouth, lung congestion, nausea, abdominal cramps, loss of appetite, and, although rarely, infections. Fortunately, these are not common, and most are reversible when caught early. In addition, new nodules similar to rheumatoid nodules form in some patients. Your doctor can treat these nodules with a drug called colchicine.*33/141/5*

Body Chemistry and AlcoholismIn the past forty years, research has linked alcoholism to biochemistry in various ways.The Masked Allergy TheoryAllergy and addiction were thought to be different reactions but recent research suggests that the only difference is in the timing of the symptoms.Low Blood Sugar and AlcoholismIt is well known that recovering alcoholics crave sugary foods. Increasing evidence is showing that many alcoholics have shown symptoms of faulty sugar metabolism since childhood.Caffeine and AlcoholCaffeine is another substance which gives temporary relief to the symptoms of low blood sugar and it is possibly because of this that heavy drinkers often drink cola, tea and coffee during the day and alcohol in the evenings. The caffeine eases the low blood sugar symptoms (a large part of the misery of a hangover) until the evening drinking starts and so the circle continues. This would fit with the theory that alcoholics have nutritional deficiencies before becoming alcoholics and that while in part their nutritional deficiencies are due to mal-absorption caused by alcohol, some degree of deficiency precedes the drinking.Alcohol and HeredityIt could be argued that bad character traits can be inherited – so can biochemical make-up.*47\326\8*