Not everyone who smokes does so voluntarily. Environmental tobacco smoke causes heart disease and cancer. In 1992, the American Heart Association called environmental tobacco smoke “a major preventable cause of cardiovascular disease and death.” Experts estimate that 35,000 to 40,000 deaths each year from cardiovascular disease and another 3,000 to 5,000 deaths from lung cancer are directly related to exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.Knowing this, it is reasonable to insist on a smoke-free work site and to not allow guests to smoke in your home. When you are looking for daycare facilities for your children, choose one where they will not be exposed to tobacco smoke. Children who are raised in the homes of smokers are more likely to have ear and upper respiratory infections and other problems that require them to visit the doctor and miss school more often.The risk of secondhand (also called side-stream or passive) smoking increases as the exposure increases. There is no threshold below which there is no risk from environmental tobacco smoke.*233\252\8*

Another cause of obstruction in the blood vessels is overgrowth of the muscle in the wall of the artery, which is called fibromuscular dysplasia. The arteries to the kidneys are most vulnerable. Renal (kidney) arteries can also develop atherosclerotic blockages.Regardless of cause, when blood flow is diminished to the kidneys, your blood pressure tends to increase. Here’s why: when your kidneys get inadequate blood flow they react as though blood pressure were low all over the body. This response triggers the kidneys to release hormone “messengers” that increase blood pressure. This process is similar to blowing cold air on a thermostat: the thermostat responds by increasing the heat in the whole house. Artery blockage in the kidneys can also lead to a decrease in their ability to eliminate waste products.*202\252\8*

Green VegetablesGreen vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables exhibit unusual wide anti-cancer powers. A recent Italian study showed a powerful protection from the frequent consumption of green vegetables against the risk of most cancers. Green vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, dark green lettuce and broccoli, are full of many different antioxidants, including beta carotene and folic acid, as well as lutein – a little-known antioxidant. Some scientists believe that lutein may even be as powerful as beta carotene in blocking cancer. Green leafy vegetables are rich in lutein. Darkest green vegetables should be chosen to derive maximum carotenoids and other anticancer agents. According to Frederick Khachik, Ph.D., a research scientist at the Department of Agriculture, “The darker green they are the most cancer preventing carotenoids they have”. He also says lutein and other carotenoids are not lost during cooking or freezing, although heat exercises harmful effects on more fragile antioxidants, including vitamin С and glutathione.
LiquoriceLiquorice, a popular spice and a flavouring agent, is credited with the properties of foods which not only help prevent cancer but also retard its spread. Triterpenoids contained in liquorice may block quick-growing cancer cells and cause some precancerous cells to return to normal growth. This spice can be used either in the form of powder, decoction or infusion. The preparation can be taken mixed with honey.*35/355/5*